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House Church Gatherings - January 21 and 28

Due to the unavailability of Simon's Valley School during these two weeks we will be gathering in host home for two Sunday's of house church gatherings. Please sign up asap!  Sign up sheets will be available at church over the next two Sundays or you may contact the church office. 

Host homes are: 
- Lisa and Luis Loera, study facilitated by Luis, - in Coventry Hills
- Lynn Hallam with Ryan and Carly Herbert, study facilitated by Ryan, - in MacEwan Glen
- Richard and Perlea Ashton, study facilitated by Jake Ashton - in the Brentwood area
- Henry and Leanne Ewert, study facilitated by Don Quantz - in Varsity, near Market Mall. 
- Wayne and Eveline Reed, study facilitated by Wayne - in Airdrie.

- Jonathan and Leanne Hooper, study facilitated by the same - in the Beltline area. 

Operation Christmas Child Update! 

In November, Skyview Community Church contributed over 40 shoeboxes to needy and hurting children through Operation Christmas Child, an initiative of Samaritan's Purse. It was heartwarming to see the creativity and feel the (literal) weight that was backed by the love of this congregation! Later in the same month, 11 of us went to spend part of a Saturday afternoon at the OCC Warehouse. We retrieved the financial donations from shoeboxes, inspected them to ensure that all the contents were appropriate, and would satisfy customs officials, and taped them carefully before sending them down the line to be packed into cartons. Those cartons will be shipped to countries in Africa, Central or South America, or the Ukraine to the hands of the children that God has chosen to receive those gifts. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for the future of this relationship between Skyview and Samaritans Purse!


Property Update! 

We are now seeing siding go up on our building! See more images and video tours on our Facebook page!  Also visit for a full update on our capital campaign and learn more about how you can get involved!  We are so grateful for the overwhelming support received in December! 



Update from Matt Mensinga! 

Please read here for an update from our friend Matt on his missions trip to the Dominican Republic!

 join in the research efforts of one of our ambrose students

This letter is a request for assistance with a project I am conducting for my Master’s degree at Ambrose University, under the supervision of Dr. Monetta Bailey and Dr. Charlie Cook. The title of my research project is “Anti-Black Racism in Calgary: How it affects faith and Christian congregations”. The purpose of this study is to explore personal experiences of anti-Black racism in our city by holding interviews with people to learn their stories. I believe that each person’s experience holds truth, and that our stories are powerful connecting points for people and communities. 

It is my hope that this type of research can help our society realize the truths and realities of racism in our own backyard, and inspire people to get engaged in discussions of equality. I am particularly passionate about encouraging these discussions in the church, as we believe that each person is made in the image of God and thus is deserving of respect and fair treatment. If you have Black heritage, identify as Christian, are at least 18 years of age, and have lived in Calgary for approximately a year, I would love to speak with you about your experiences with racism in our city. 

If you (or someone you know) would like to participate in this study, you may contact me and we will discuss details of the project and any questions you may have. (Please contact the church office for contact details.)

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to speak with you soon.

Christina Pitre
Master’s Student
Ambrose University

**Participation is completely voluntary, and this study has been reviewed and granted ethics approval through Ambrose University’s Research Ethics Board.

missional community at Skyview

The vision behind missional community is inspired by Jesus’ lifestyle and the ways that Jesus’ closest followers sought to imitate his lifestyle together. In the Church’s efforts to make Christ-like disciples, we see three core elements in Jesus’ example:[1]

1)    Up – Communion with God

2)    In – Fellowship with one another

3)    Out – Hospitality, Service, and witness to God’s love beyond the Church

Missional community seeks to embody these three aspects of Jesus’ life in its gatherings. Skyview is seeking to follow this three-fold pattern in its response to God’s call for us to help people come to know Jesus and to grow into mature followers.

Autumn of 2017 gave us a season of praying and discerning God’s calling for us together. I am very thankful for the time that people invested praying, reading, and discerning together how Missional Communities might take shape in our church.

In the Winter and Spring of 2018 we are looking forward to the doors that God will open for us to serve those outside of our church, to grow together in community as we serve, and to grow in our relationship with God all the while. We’re looking to expand Skyview’s value of Generous Hospitality beyond our members and walls as we seek Communion with God and give thanks for God’s blessings.

Three or four ideas for missional community are being discussed, and we’re determining how the vision for missional community fits with our existing ministries – if you are interested in being involved in a gathering that seeks together deeper relationships with God, with each other, and with those outside our community, please contact Ryan Herbert:

[1] This example is borrowed from 3D Movements, described in Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen.


Did you know?

Here at Skyview we regularly support missions both right here in Calgary and world wide through our district and denomination, which you can learn more about at Nazarene Missions International, as well as through partnership with two specific ministries:

Seed of Hope 

The Seed of Hope is a community development ministry in the rural outskirts of Durban, South Africa, that supports the community through programs focused on education and care.  Learn more about who they are and how you can get involved here.  Visit our missions page for more updates!

Youth unlimited calgary

Youth Unlimited is a community organzation that focuses on the support of young people through programs that assist them with all needs, from physical and emotional health and well being, spiritual support, employment support, and support of the whole family through times of difficulty.  Learn more about this organization here, or take a look at their latest newsletter.


Our district NYI (Nazarene Youth International) were recently challenged to join The Justice Movement – a voice for justice and compassion in the world. The movement is made of kids, students, young adults, families, and churches that believe they can make a difference in each other’s lives. The movement amplifies the voice of the weak and responds to their needs. A number of Skyview youth, young adults and leaders have taken up the Just Water challenge – drinking only water for a select period of time, while raising awareness and funds for the global water crisis. Read their stories on the Just Water page and see how you can encourage, pray for and donate.



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