Small Groups

As relationships matters most at Skyview, we are committed to connecting people with each other through our small group ministries. We believe that we need others to help us in our journey of faith. Our small groups exist to:

  • Deepen our understanding of the Bible.
  • Strengthen our relationship with others.
  • Encourage and challenge all of us to reach out to others.


missional community at Skyview

The vision behind missional community is inspired by Jesus’ lifestyle and the ways that Jesus’ closest followers sought to imitate his lifestyle together. In the Church’s efforts to make Christ-like disciples, we see three core elements in Jesus’ example:[1]

1)    Up – Communion with God

2)    In – Fellowship with one another

3)    Out – Hospitality, Service, and witness to God’s love beyond the Church

Missional community seeks to embody these three aspects of Jesus’ life in its gatherings. Skyview is seeking to follow this three-fold pattern in its response to God’s call for us to help people come to know Jesus and to grow into mature followers.

Autumn of 2017 gave us a season of praying and discerning God’s calling for us together. I am very thankful for the time that people invested praying, reading, and discerning together how Missional Communities might take shape in our church.

In the Winter and Spring of 2018 we are looking forward to the doors that God will open for us to serve those outside of our church, to grow together in community as we serve, and to grow in our relationship with God all the while. We’re looking to expand Skyview’s value of Generous Hospitality beyond our members and walls as we seek Communion with God and give thanks for God’s blessings.

Three or four ideas for missional community are being discussed, and we’re determining how the vision for missional community fits with our existing ministries – if you are interested in being involved in a gathering that seeks together deeper relationships with God, with each other, and with those outside our community, please contact Ryan Herbert:

[1] This example is borrowed from 3D Movements, described in Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen.

ongoing small groups/missional communities at Skyview

Youth and Young Adults Group - meets at the Ashton home on Tuesday evenings and is led by Pastor Ryan Herbert. 

Airdrie/Calgary NW Group - meets Wednesday evenings and is currently led by Pastor Stuart Williams.

South Calgary Group - led by Oatlhoste Gabarone, this group is seeking to create community for those in the far South of Calgary and grow into a missional model.

Women's Group - this co-led group currently meets Saturday mornings, but changes depending on availablility. The group is open to all women of all ages: moms, grammas, singles, young, or old! 

Thursday Evening "Family Night" - This is our missional community "primer" group, being led by Pastor Ryan Herbert. Join this group as they seek to learn and share what it is to be a missional community in Skyview. 


For information on existing small groups or missional communities please contact or Pastor Ryan Herbert at