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  • Down to Earth Holiness

    Down to Earth Holiness

    • November 24, 2013
      37:37 min
      Planning with God
      Geoff DeJager
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      Are we planning our lives with or without God? Often we live independent of God only seeking His help when challenges arise. Planning is honouring to God only in as much as it includes God and is guided by Him.
    • November 17, 2013
      46:44 min
      Desire & Thanksgiving!
      Stuart Williams
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      “Do we love God enough to be content?” Discontentment & covetousness are often an indication of a failure to love. The way in which we overcome discontentment is to practice thanksgiving & by taking direct & creative action where we can.
    • November 3, 2013
      43:30 min
      Faith in Action
      Stuart Williams
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      To have faith is neither contained by intellect or belief only--faith in God finds its way in and out of our lives. It is both interior and exterior, both contemplation and engagement. Show me faith that works says James!
    • November 3, 2013
      50:40 min
      Listening & Speaking
      Stuart Williams
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      In James we learn powerfully that “the person comes out of the mouth.” James implies that we should listen more than we speak and that in listening to others we position ourselves to listen to God. By listening to God we learn to attend to others.
    • October 27, 2013
      23:22 min
      Finding God in the Storm
      Geoff DeJager
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      How do Christians face trials? God’s goal is for us to not be governed by our circumstances, but by the word of God and His promise. Trials can refine us and grow us up into mature Christians.

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