We Are Moving!

Change in Plans!

Good afternoon Skyview family.

To our great disappointment, we were notified on Friday, June 19th that Bearspaw Christian School was retracting their verbal agreement to offer us a lease at their property due to factors that they had not considered prior to making a commitment to lease.

Our board and pastoral staff immediately set to work finding an alternative meeting place. Thankfully we were able to re-open our file at the City of Calgary, in cooperation with the Calgary Board of Education, and secure a permit to rent the gymnasium and three classrooms at Simon’s Valley School, located at 375 Sandarac Dr NW, for the summer months. Our board will continue to work towards determining long term plans for the Fall.   

We still plan to enter this new chapter in our church’s history with a BBQ celebration on Sunday July 5th 2015, but we will be gathering instead at Shouldice Park. There is a separate announcement included in your bulletin with details regarding this event. 

Our first service at Simon’s Valley School will be on July 12th at 10:30 am. 

We realize that some may have concerns regarding the impact that this change in location will have upon our church family. Our staff and leadership team share this concern and understand that a move to a new location will not be ideal for everyone. Knowing that change is not without challenge we intend to do all we can to enable our people to make the transition well. It is our hope that no one who desires to remain a part of our church family will be missed in the transition and welcome hearing from you if you or someone you know will have any difficulty with this move. 

We understand that some may have questions as to why we are moving. Please feel free to contact us any time to ask these questions. 

I would like to offer a sincere word of thanks for your patience and prayers during this time of transition. May God continue to grant us courage and strength as we pursue that which he has called us to accomplish.


Pastor Stuart

On behalf of the church board

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