What does my reaction to the events in Paris tell me about myself?

I am saddened by the events in Paris that occurred yesterday. I remember visiting that city and could not help but fall in love with its old world charm and be impressed by its rich history. I mourn with those in France today for their loss is great. What saddens me more is the fact that Paris is but one of many cities that in recent days (not weeks or months but days) was attacked by 'those' who indiscriminately bomb, burn and execute innocent people to advance their cause. These are people who intend to instil suspicion, hatred and fear and to promote divisiveness in a world already fractured by racism, economic disparity, sickness and the unprecedented exploitation of the vulnerable. 

Based on the nature of the comments and accusations flying about on social media platforms it would appear to me that 'those' seeking to terrorize and divide are succeeding in what they have planned to accomplish. Their terror extends beyond the brutality of their heinous and cowardly acts and as we rant and rave about whose to blame and what to do with those seeking asylum attempting to escape similar threats - we inadvertently give power to those who by violent acts advance their terror driven agenda.

It should deeply trouble those of us for whom the events of Paris have been unsettling while we remain oblivious and un-troubled by the recent bombings in Beirut and Baghdad just days earlier. It should trouble those of us who only pay attention and care when terror acts in our world threaten to potentially affect our way of life. It should trouble us that certain places receive intense media coverage during times of crisis and others do not - that certain people groups are considered less valuable - hence less media coverage, intervention or concern. It should trouble us that we care only selectively and only when it may affect us! 

What troubles me most, is that I am one of those for whom all that has been said above is convictingly true. I ask myself this day, honestly and humbly and I ask you: What does my reaction to Paris say about who I am as a human being?